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End Of You
Band members
Jami Pietilä - Vocals Johnny - Keyboard Timo "Lede" Lehtinen - Bass Mika - Drums Jani - Guitar

melodic metal

The idea of End Of You started in the home studio of the singer/song writer Jami Pietilä in 2003. In winter 2004 Jami started searching players for the band and the first recruit was his good friend, bassist Lede, whose skills have been proved on several metal albums in the past years.

The initial idea was to make kind of melancholic style of metal and it was obvious that the band would need a synth player. The band searched players from the Internet and after Johnny had heard some old material from Jami, he became interested playing with End Of You.

The drummer (Rami) was found from a band called Wave who rehearsed in the same location but it turned out that he didn't have enough time for the band. So our band needed a new drummer (Mika) who was found on the Internet as well. Jami had played with Jani earlier on some project so he asked Jani to join the band. End Of You was formed.

The first video was planned even before all the players had been found, so there weren't really any problems to choose the first video song "Walking with no one". After all, there was only one song ready at the time.

After a month in a studio (in the summer 2004) the band has made 13 songs and they are now ready for the action...

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