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Hailing from the same fertile Massachusetts/New Hampshire scene as groups like Unearth, Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall, Since the Flood is set to release their new album No Compromise on Metal Blade Records in early 2007. Earning their stripes as one of the hardest working bands in the hardcore scene, the group has been building their name since their inception in 2002. Forming as a garage band in New Hampshire the group worked on their sound which delivered the raw fury of hardcore with sludge-tinged guitars and anthemic lyrics meant to be shouted along to. After several line-up changes, Since The Flood is composed of Chuck Bouley (vocals), Luke Buckbee (drums), Dave Stauble (guitars), Rob Deangelis (bass) and former touring guitarist, turned full time member Dan Haggerty (guitar). The group independently released two demos and played a constant barrage of shows all over the New England area, taking shows in the smallest of towns and winning the populace over. Within a year of playing out, it was apparent their following was growing and show offers through the area got bigger and bigger. One of these Since The Flood converts included Unearth's frontman, Trevor Phipps who signed the group to his newly formed label, Ironclad Recordings. Ironclad released Since The Flood's debut full-length 2005's Valor And Vengeance. The release included a spark of press attention which included an Alternative Press review which compared the group to icons like Judge, Integrity and Slayer. The record also allowed the group to do national tours with the likes of All That Remains, Bury Your Dead, Full Blown Chaos, On Broken Wings and a European tour with Madball and Sworn Enemy.

Since The Flood took off much of 2006 to write No Compromise. The album was recorded at Outpost Studios in Stoughton, MA with Jim Siegal (Blood for Blood, Cave In, and the Dropkick Murphy's) with the result being an even more intense and concentrated burst of hardcore than their previous material. "There's no doubt in our mind that both old fans, and new, will be very surprised and pleased with the direction we've gone musically since we released Valor and Vengeance" comments the band. Since The Flood just finished a U.S. tour with Shai Hulud and 100 Demons and expect to have big tour announcements with the release of No Compromise.

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