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Negura Bunget
Band members
Hupogrammos Disciple's - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards Negru - Drums, Percussion, Folk/Archaic instr. Sol'Faur Spurcatu - Guitars

black metal

Following in the footsteps of Sweden's Bathory, who were among the first European groups to utilize their own national legends as inspiration for their songwriting themes (Norse and Viking tradition, in their case) Negura Bunget combine Romanian history and folklore into a mystical sonic adventure, quite literally inspired by their homeland of Transylvania. Formed in 1995 by Hupogrammos Disciple's (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Negru (drums, xylophone) under the name Wiccan Rede, the group recorded their first demo, appropriately entitled "From Transylvania Forest" at Bucharest's Magic Sound Studios with the help of keyboard player Aiwazz Valah Disciple. After adopting the Negura Bunget name the following year, the group began performing regularly and recorded their full-length debut, Zirnindu-sa in October 1996 — all the while delving ever deeper into elements of their ancestral ideology in order to concoct a unique black metal perspective. The Sala Molksa EP followed two years later, after which bassist Vampir and keyboard player Daniel (replacing Aiwazz) joined the band's live performance line-up. Third album Maiastru Sfelnic emerged in the year 2000, and led to extended touring engagements and a new deal with Italy's Code 666 label. The 'N Crugu Bradului L.P. arrived in 2002 and counted with new guitarist Sol Faur Spurcatu and bassist Ursu.

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