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Death Before Dishonor Bio

Death Before Dishonor
Band members
Bryan - vocals Dave X - guitar B-Roll - guitar Dan - drums Frankie - bass


Death Before Dishonor has been garnering rave reviews for their unforgiving anthems and savage live shows over the last five years. It was their unrelenting work ethic that grabbed the attention of Bridge Nine Records, another Boston institution built with the same ideals that have built Death Before Dishonor- persistence, drive and desire. After the two teamed up to release of Friends, Family, Forever in 2004, Death Before Dishonor kept at what they did best- destroying crowds night after night on tour.

Now its 2006, and Death Before Dishonor is a band you cannot ignore. Not unlike the ascent of Hatebreed many years ago, Death Before Dishonor released a seven song EP and they have supported it with non-stop international touring with Agnostic Front, Champion, Full Blown Chaos, and Terror. When their bass player told Bridge Nine, If Im not on tour, Im sitting in my dads basement, he has made sure that Death Before Dishonor is on the road, whether its Canada, Mexico, Europe or soon, South America.

Death Before Dishonor have taken potential to a whole new level and put bands that think they have a work ethic to shame. Death Before Dishonor is not afraid to throw themselves and everything theyve got on the table, which is why they have such an appeal and why theyve managed to become so successful at this point in their lives. The only thing that can and will stop them is entering the studio this October with Jim Siegel at the Outpost (Dropkick Murphys, Blood For Blood) to record their first full-length LP for Bridge Nine, promising to make 2007 Death Before Dishonors year where you cannot ignore them.

And then it begins again.

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