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King Diamond started out with the influential Danish metal band Mercyful Fate, whose Gothic lyrics centering on themes of evil were much imitated by later groups. Diamond has an amazing vocal range, able to alternate between a low growl, mid-range melodicism, and an ear-piercingly high falsetto scream. In 1985, he left Mercyful Fate after two full-length albums to form a band named after himself with guitarist Andy LaRocque and a rotating lineup, releasing several concept albums with supernatural storylines and complex sub-themes and putting on highly theatrical stage shows, complete with actors portraying the characters in his songs. He rejoined Mercyful Fate when the band launched a successful comeback in 1993 and also reformed his own band with LaRocque, guitarist Herbie Simonsen, bassist Chris Estes, and drummer Darrin Anthony early in 1995, issuing Spider's Lullabye and 1996's Graveyard . Subsequent efforts include 1998's Voodoo and 2000's House of God .

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