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Band members
Hugo Soares - vocals Cristina Lopes - vocals Carlos Monteiro - guitars Marco Agostinho - guitars Jorge Bentes - bass Miguel Ledo - drums Nuno Pita - keys & synth


There comes a time when a musician witnesses an undisputed moment of triumph. For some, who have their own artistic eye and integrity, that instant can arrive when they least expect it. But to others, who so dishonourably take advantage of this medium with the sole aim of fame and profit, they will hardly taste such a flavour of achievement and completion, provided by an unbelievable perseverance and devotion. "Towers of Isolation", the band's second full-length recording, is the absolute proof that Ethereal belong to the aforementioned faction, given the album's vast depth and intensity in both musical and conceptual approaches.

By the time "Shades of Sadness" was released, Ethereal was still looking for its own niche in a rather overcrowded musical realm. Enabling the band to achieve its own primary goals, this debut served as the key to the doors of live exposure, media attention and labels' awareness. The group ended-up winning the first prize in a national modern music festival, while several musical magazines were critically acclaiming the band. Such publicity aroused the interest of Progress Music, a former Portuguese record label that after confirming the veracity uncovered by the members themselves, decided to sign the band on the spot. During this work's promotional activity, Ethereal were even invited by a Portuguese television network, with the intention of sharing a show's musical slot alongside fellow countrymen Moonspell. As a consequence, this cycle of fortuity allowed the band to expand its own universe and sound, which inevitably brought a whole new compositional ease along with it; and that was how the beginning of a new era began.

Upon several discussions with quite a few labels, Ethereal decided to perpetuate its liaison with Progress Music, so to allow "The Dreams of Yearning" to reach maximum recognition. As a concept album divided in eleven pieces, the group's debut offering bettered not only the melodic and moody vibes that shaped their sound, but also the more progressive and traditional nuances that were slightly explored in their previous work. Having been presented before biased and unsuspected crowds, Ethereal first long player produced a joint passion through a parallel response: that good old Heavy Metal was still feasible to propagate its subsistence, even if allied to additional melodic and unconventional elements; and such is unlikely to happen every so often in Metal circles, in spite of the genre's magnitude and will to savour new grounds.

Sadly, Progress Music's capacity to affect at mass level didn't quite match the prospects of everyone concerned within Ethereal; as a consequence, it leaves the band no other choice than to withdraw its contract, allowing a more renowned national label to enter the picture with a far better agreement and a rather appealing extra: a coalition with an associate booking and promotional entity.

Recital was then committed to release and distribute the album, while Utopia was set to assure the aforesaid purposes. Soon after this, Ethereal decided to revisit the studio to remix and remaster the whole record, which added a far greater depth and edge to the final sound. A couple of new members were also added to the line-up and a few months later the "Tour of Yearning" began.

Once again, the band is encouraged to play at the same television network's show, but this time under a different format: an acoustic appearance. Unpredictably, this presentation worked pretty well, leaving the band more confident and self-assured of this arrangement for an exclusive 3-date set at a number of FNAC stores. A short time after, Ethereal records their first ever video for the song "The Eyes of a Sinner", which received a reasonable share of airplay through a few television channels. In order to wrap-up the tour in a remarkable way, the band decides to open for Flowing Tears at the historical Hard Club, winding-up gathering an amazing response from the audience, as well as plenty of mesmerised and critically-acclaimed overviews from the press.

Shortly following this chain of auspicious affairs, Ethereal makes a decision to work at one of Portugal's major experienced and professional studios, to record their most daring, laborious and painstaking effort to date, entitled "Towers of Isolation". After nearly two years in the making and plenty of impediments later, this album showcases a more contemplative and deeper side of Ethereal, which will take many people by surprise due to its insightful nature and density beyond measure.

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