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Ansur Bio

Band members
Torstein J. Nipe - Guitars Stian Svenne - Guitars Espen Aulie - Vocals/bass Glenn Ferguson - Drums

black metal

ANSUR was formed in Drammen, Norway in 2003 as a young three-piece band. The following winter ANSUR recorded "Demo 2004", which contained four tracks of more or less traditional black metal with a raw and characteristic sound. After the demo release, underground label Nerbilous Productions (South Korea) took interest in the band and offered to re-release the demo in a more official way. The demo was renamed "Carved in Flesh" and officially re-released in 2005. The lineup changed the following year, with Stian A. Svenne joining on guitars and Glenn A. Ferguson on drums. Bass player Aslak A. Werme left the band, and vocalist Espen A. R. Aulie took up his duties. The band slowly went through changes musically, and they began to incorporate stronger progressive elements in addition to the black and death metal styles to create something more characteristic and unique. ANSUR's debut album, "Axiom", was recorded in their own studio from July to December 2005. The material on "Axiom" varies from brutal tracks like "Earth Erasure" to more progressive ones like "The Axiom Depicted" and "Desert Messiah". "Axiom" was released worldwide 18.09.06 through Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records. The band has recently started working on a new album.

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