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Abaddon Incarnate
Band members
Steve Maher - Guitar and vocals Bill Whelan - Guitar Brenden Roache - Bass Sean King - Drums

death metal

ABADDON INCARNATE formed in 1994 with the line up as Bill Whelan (Guitar), Steve Maher (Vocals and Guitar), Rob Tierney (Bass) and Olan Parkinson (Drums). The purpose was to create an Ultra Fast Death Metal band, with the emphasis on hyper blast beats and a grind ethic that was not popular at the time. This was when Black metal was very prominent in the metal scene. Intensive gigging around Dublin this year saw them develop into a tight live act where intensity of delivery was honed to a fine art. They released "When the Demons Come" - a five-track demo tape that was recorded in 1 day at Dublin's Sonic Studios in 1995 - (Fortunately it sounded similar to Possessed's "7 churches" LP which was a total fluke on the bands behalf). It featured 3 songs that would later appear on their first album.
In late 1995 Olan decided to jump ship and join Blastcage in Britain. For one year they searched for a drummer and found none who possessed stamina or skill to play grind beats in a death metal band. Finally Bill took to the honour and sat behind the kit. Rob took the opportunity to spend the summer of 1996 working in Germany and Steve and Bill rehearsed for these 3 months in a friend's rehearsal room. They entered the studio to record a single track "Aeons of us Rising" which while never being released, except on an obscure cassette compilation, refined their skill at working in the studio, vocal wise and guitar wise. These 3 months were important in forming the core die-hard element that kept Abaddon Incarnate alive until today.

1997 saw Olan return to Ireland since Blastcage did not work out for him. Having no band and a deep need to play again, he rejoined Abaddon and they started working on the "Aeons of us Rising" Promo. This was recorded again in Sonic studios in Dublin. This came out with excellent quality and was only distributed around record companies. Season of Mist offered Abaddon Incarnate their first deal in 1998 and they traveled to Finland's Tico Tico studios to record the debut Album "The Last Supper". The line up at this stage was still the same as when they formed in 1994. The "Last Supper" was released in 1999.

After this a few Irish gigs were performed, and in the year 2000 Rob Tierney began to become disillusioned with the music he was playing and decided to quit the band. A replacement was found in Cory Sloan who was formally part of such Irish legends as Afterlife, Thy Sinister Bloom and Arcane Sun / Fifth Dominion. A tour of Germany was organised with Impending Doom. Around this time they also supported the major death metal act Morbid Angel and lesser act Impaled Nazerene. This was a success and gave Abaddon a taste of life on the road, which has brought them back out on tour regularly ever since.

Seasons of Mist Records proved unsuitable for Abaddon Incarnate so the deal was dissolved and a new deal was struck with old friends and countrymen Sentinel records. The band started redefining their sound now becoming more and more grind fixated. Songs were shortened to one or two minutes long and simplified. A new record was written and in 2001 they traveled to Sweden to Soundlab Studios owned by Mieszko from Nasum. It was called "Nadir" and featured 24 blistering grind / death tunes.

That year once again Olan became restless and felt the need to excercise himself in the art of leaving the band. Bill, Steve and Cory started searching for a new drummer for a second time, but to no avail. Ireland proved a dry source for Grind drummers. Eventually Olan decided he would like to return and Abaddon took him back. Tensions were getting hot now at this stage. To support Nadir a tour of the Czech Republic was organised in 2002 with Welsh band, Desecration. This was a great success and they returned home to tour Ireland with the Welsh Death metallers and Putrefy from the North of Ireland.

Now Cory decided to depart. Facing the prospect of finding a bass player Olan decided to take the opportunity to travel to Australia while Steve and Bill sorted things out. Left as a two-piece again in 2002 just as they had been in 1996 the two got the finger out and started to secure the future. A new record deal was hammered out with Dave Rotten's Xtreem Music label in Spain. A session drummer was found in the more than capable Jason Connolly from Irish band "Primal Dawn" Also Bass playing duties were taken up by old friend Brendan Roache of Sinister Demise and Kingdom among others.

With this line up great things happened in 2002. Abaddon Incarnate headlined the Carnage Festival in Switzerland and a tour of Spain and France took place. 2003 came and Olan had organised a tour of Australia with the help of Mark Streater of Extreme Noise Magazine. This offer was too good to refuse and Bill and Steve left for Australia to meet up with Olan and start the tour. Although the band were together again and all the gigs were a success, internal pressures proved unmanageable. Upon returning to Ireland, 2 farewell gigs, Fuck The Commerce festival in Germany and one in Northern Ireland saw the departure once and for all of long suffering member Olan Parkinson.

Jason Connolly was enlisted full time and Cory Sloan returned to the group. In the final months of 2003, Abaddon flew back to Soundlab studios in Sweden to record their third album - "Dark Crusade".

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