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Killpretty Bio

Band members
Tana - vocals
Antti W - vocals
Maarik - guitars
Samuli - guitars
Samppa - bass
Tero - turntables
Antti H - drums


Killpretty was founded in the summer of 99, and the style
of music quickly developed into something that could be
described as hardcore/rapmetal. All the members contributed
their own vision of music to this band, and that's pretty
much been the idea behind it all, as all of the members
come from variety of different musical backrounds.
To this band development is everything, and we're always
trying to make music that can be given properties for
it's emotional, as well as musical content. This band is
about how we see this world.

At the end of the year 2000 we released our first demo CD
that was called "You might be better off with someone else,
I will never." It got good reviews in some Finnish music
magazines for example Rumba, Toinen Vaihtoehto, and SUE. In the beginning of the year 2001 we
met with Tuukka Temonen who is the bassplayer of a
Finnish band called Apulanta. He liked our music and he
started to promote our band in television, magazines etc.
Thanks to him our song "The things you said" was on a
pizza commercial of a Finnish pizza restaurant called Koti
Pizza. It was shown on Finnish television for one month.
And also two members of our band: Antti Westman and
Maarik Leppä appeared on Apulanta's musicvideo called

The year 2001 has been great to us. We have toured
a lot and we were also the warmup band for Apulanta
for three gigs. Then in the summer we had concerts
in Finnish festivals. The biggest ones were: Nummirock
and Tammerfest.

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