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Band members
Kenneth Paul Benda - Vocals Matt LeBreton - Lead Guitar Zack Zenk - Guitar Peter Rutcho - Keys Colin Conway - Drums Jon Morency - Bass


For starters: To our latest realization, there are a good number of bands/projects named FROZEN out there in the world today, but we can assure you that when this band formed in 1998, there existed no bands with our name whatsoever.

In a time when so many American bands surface with three word names and unnecessary syllables coupled with overused, done-to-death breakdowns or a horribly infectious emo influence, along comes FROZEN. With current metal trends and fashion styles set on mute, this six-piece from Massachusetts burns through the pile of redundancy like a magnifying glass to ants on a hot summer day. All the while, FROZEN still cannot be lumped in as a "conventional" metal band. Experimentation is the key ingredient to the band's formula, and FROZEN cannot deny the mixture of influences that they all share together: Metal in countless genres (death,black, thrash, speed), progressive rock with a flair for classical and jazz influences, not to mention Nintendo music, 80s hits and ballads alike - all of those common influences somehow jarble together into an unlikely, albeit harmonious and hard-hitting genre-crossing hybrid. FROZEN's sophomore, self-financed full length, Enemy Soil, is just such a creation.

FROZEN originally began in the fall of 1998 as a four-piece band of high school friends, formed by guitarist Matt LeBreton and drummer Colin Conway (formerly of CANNAE, THE YEAR OF OUR LORD, and ALL THAT REMAINS as a fill-in member). A self-titled demo was recorded and released in 1999 in a very limited quantity. Handfuls of shows around the band's home state followed shortly thereafter.

In April of 2002, FROZEN recorded its first self-financed, full-length demo CD, Forever Seems Like a Waste of Time. However, upon completion of the recording, many of the members went their own ways; Matt LeBreton joined the army, leading to a 16-month tour of Iraq, Colin Conway joinedon full-time with Boston thrashers Cannae, and bassist Nick Gagne and keyboardist Tom Vieira were no longer a part of the band. Having resorted to session vocalists on the debut CD, the band was also left without a frontman. Still, without any shows in support of the release, it gained a good response, moving 500+ units and landing great reviews in the USA and Europe.

Upon LeBreton's return from Iraq in August of 2004, he and Conway regrouped with mutual friend, Zack Zenk on second guitar and songwriting commenced immediately. Peter Rutcho was invited in on keyboards as he was previously filling in on guitar while LeBreton was fulfilling his military duties. Vocalist Kenneth Paul Benda and bassist Jon Morency were also invited in as Rutcho had previously worked with them in the band Discreate.

In May of 2005, the recording process for Enemy Soil began at Damage Studios with the band's own Peter Rutcho (Vomitron, Seemless) at the production helm. The process was long and tedious, but December of 2005 brought the recording's completion, and subsequently ushered in a complete mix and mastering by March 2006. Now, with the release of Enemy Soil, a concept album, FROZEN sets off on its quest to show metalheads that music can be intelligent and heavy, meaningful and melodic, and most importantly that this band means business.

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