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Light Yourself On Fire
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After oranges, it's pretty well known that rock music is Florida's greatest contribution to the rest of the country. Metal, hardcore, punk -- whatever you want to call it, if it has a guitar, a bass, some drums and the ability to set an audience aflame with energy, it's probably from Florida or based on something from Florida. It makes sense, then, that a new genre of metal would come from the coast, a city called Tampa, where four men decided that death metal needed a new vibe, and in seven insanely powerful songs, a new genre was born. And like the incendiary music they make, they're called simply: Light Yourself on Fire. Formed in the summer of 2003, By John Allen (guitar) Robert Winslow (bass), Matt Coplon (vocals), and Ken Karg (drums) they wanted to bridge the gap between their shared obsession with metal and art. They wanted their music to not only be aggressive and loud and heavy,but to carry a deeper, more complex emotional content. Soon, they began to play and it was within their music that theyestablished a sophisticated, intelligent, intensely violent take on metal which they named Power Death.(power violence+Death metal) And powerful it is! A rare metal band whose performance is more comparable to a gallery show, LYOF's live show is uncompromising. Their stagecraft and incredible songs immediately won them shows supporting massively popular death metal bands such as Decide, Darkest Hour, Between the Buried and Me, and Torche. The band recorded a seven song demo at Atomic Audio, which is being released this October by Kiss Of Death Records, who instantly saw the brilliant new voice that Light Yourself On Fire was bringing to music fans throughout Florida. And if the climate of the Tampa scene is any indication, from the overwhelming response to Light Yourself On Fire,it's a sound that will soon end up in bedrooms, mosh pits, gallerys,and venues all across the country.

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