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Band members
Vargher (Marcus E. Norman) - Guitar, vocals Wrathyr - Bass, vocals Hellfire - Guitars Stormlord - Drums

power metal
black metal

The mission of BEWITCHED began in 1995, when Vargher and Blackheim decided that something drastic had to be done. The scene was infected by non-talented, musically unintelligent bands who claimed they sounded like the old metal-heroes, when in fact all they actually sounded like was crap. BEWITCHED had to show the world how it should sound. They hooked up with Reaper, and entered the Chamber of Hate where the Hellspell-tape was recorded. Shortly after this musical assault Wrathyr joined the band and the circle was completed.

New material were being finished all the time and in August 1995, without any backup from a record-label, BEWITCHED visited the Umeå-based UMT-studio for
the recording of the debut-album, Diabolical Desecration. After only three days of insanity the album was ready to rape the world, it was sent out to some record-labels and eventually a contract was signed with the world dominating Osmose Productions.

After some technical errors Diabolical Desecration was finally released in March 1996 and in June BEWITCHED hit the road together with Ancient Rites, Sacramentum and Enthroned to promote this release. During three weeks they thrashed venues in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Holland. And even though the tour suffered a bit from bad organizing, it was a great experience and Europe would never be the same again..

At the same time as the tour started a new record was released. With the title Encyclopedia of Evil, it is a tribute to the bands who influenced BEWITCHED's sound on the Diabolical Desecration album.

When getting back home from the tour, BEWITCHED started working on the tracks for the upcoming album, and between the 18th and the 29th of August 1997 they entered the XL-studio. As a result of this ritual a plague struck the world in November 1997, it's name was Pentagram Prayer, the bands second full-lenght album.

After the recording Blackheim had to leave the band and BEWITCHED recruited Spider as their session axe-man. One month later, in December 1997, BEWITCHED once again went on a European crusade, the World Domination tour part I, together with Enslaved, Swordmaster, Demoniac, Dark Tranquillity, and Dellamorte. During this tour a live-album entitled Hell Comes To Essen was recorded in Essen, Germany and was later released as both a limited picture-LP and on CD.

The Hellcult was feeling fed up with the new wave of power-metal that was rising and decided to try to infiltrate this christian scene with the Devil's work. They once again entered the XL-studio in April 1999 and recorded the third album, At the Gates of Hell, which was more melodic yet satanic as all the previous releases.

Some changes took place in the Hellcult-camp when BEWITCHED was joined by a second axe-man by the name of Hellfire. He helped the band on their infernal Mexican crusade in December 2000 as a session guitarist but since things worked out as good as they did he is now a fulltime member in the cult of Hell.

More material was getting finished all the time and finally the forth album was ready to strike. With a sound more aggressive than ever, Rise of the Antichrist, is here to once again show the world that BEWITCHED is truly seated on the highest throne of Satanic Metal.

At the end of 2002 BEWITCHED parted ways with Osmose Productions and signed a new deal with Swedish label Regain Records.

In February 2003 BEWITCHED entered Ballerina Audio to record the first assault for their new companion, a mini-CD entitled Atrocities in A Minor. BEWITCHED are now working on a brand new fullenght album, and the tracks that are finished so far shows the most aggressive, most primitive and blackest side of the band...

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