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Kill Factor Bio

Kill Factor
Band members
Daniel - vocals
Duane - guitars
Shawn - bass
Allen - drums


Kill Factor was formed in Los Angeles, California in March of 1999. They were formed on the ideal of breaking the rules of heavy metal. While many bands conform to certain styles of metal, Kill Factor chooses to play all styles. Blending everything from thrash to death, doom to speed metal, Kill Factor infuses every style that has influenced them over the years of playing, not just limiting themselves to one. The bandÕs trademark is their willingness to experiment with all styles of music and metal. Whether its the thrash riffs in "Through Your Hands", or the off-time progressions in "What I Am", or the swelling intro of "Rise" Kill Factor's songs sweep the spectrum of heavy music.

Formed in all parts of Southern California, and basing themselves out of East Los Angeles, Kill Factor consists of Daniel Palma on vocals, Duane Suarez on guitars, Shawn Sparks on bass, and Allen Woolsey on drums. They have had excellent success gigging around Southern California. They have played at all types of venues and clubs, such as The Dragonfly, The Whisky A Go-Go, The Coconut Teaszer and The Roxy Theater in Hollywood, as well as The Loft in Pasadena. They have played other venues such as Cal State Pomona, and various backyard shows all around Southern California. Kill Factor has played with such bands as Medication, Unloco, Drunk With Power, Diesel Machine, Hostile Groove, Carbon 9, Aztlan Underground, and many other underground acts in Southern California. Kill Factor is rising in success at these venues as well and have made a name for themselves as one of the most promising underground bands in Los Angeles, bringing in 75-100 people a show, having some of the most devoted fans around. The band is known for their great stage presence giving the fans one of the most intense blistering live shows around. Kill Factor is especially popular when playing at the Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood. With an average of about 100 people a weekend show, Kill Factor has had fans get crazy enough to jump up on stage to sing their anthem and most popular song "War" with them.

Kill Factor is a fast rising band and is looking to take the step to the next level. They have gained countless new fans around the world with their demo c.d. "Deep Inside", with the demo having gone to England, France, Australia, Holland, and many other European countries, and well as all over the US and Canada. They continue to gig around Southern California non-stop gaining new fans . With heavy metal's popularity at an all-time high, and with no signs of slowing down, Kill Factor is ready to take advantage of the new boom in heavy music and they are ready to take the music, and metal, world by storm.

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