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Infernal Legion
Band members
Justin Thomas - Drums Erik Armstrong - Guitar Doug Stern - Guitar / Vocals Josh Smith - Vocals

death metal

When did death metal become 'life metal'? When did Darkness and Evil get nixed from the equation? Does anyone remember?

Infernal Legion do, and they've honorably endeavored to reinstitute Darkness and Evil back into DEATH metal with their MORIBUND debut, Your Prayers Mean Nothing. Proof again that the Pacific Northwest breeds some of the darkest, most evil death metal around ' CULT labelmates Drawn and Quartered, Blood Ritual, and Serpens Aeon, for example ' the Legion expertly craft occasionally doomed-out, always head-battering blackened death metal that never waffles to please more opportunists. Something of a New School of Old School, Infernal Legion are Satanic in sound and approach, integrating supernatural ominousness into their chugging, tank-like tread. Your Prayers Mean Nothing is both a statement of (Satanic) intent, and a declaration of hostility in a climate that tolerates egalitarian mediocrity.

Originally formed under the banner of Eviscerate, what would become Infernal Legion formed in January of 1999 in the town of Lakewood, Washington. Songwriting was slow yet steady due to a few lineup shuffles. But in late February of 2000, Eviscerate entered the Autopsy Room to record their self-titled debut, of which only 250 cassette albums were made and soon sold-out. In November of that year, Eviscerate changed their name to Infernal Legion due to the over-use of their original moniker. A year later, and with a new moniker, Infernal Legion went to the Autopsy Room once again to record their debut album Angelicide, which would be released in December of 2001. During the summer of 2003, the lineup stabilized with founders' vocalist Josh Smith, guitarists Doug Stern and Eric Armstrong, and drummer Justin Thomas, with Rick Powell joining on bass. Finally, early last year, the band inked a deal with MORIBUND CULT, and preparations began in earnest for the recording and release of Your Prayers Mean Nothing.

And, to restate the obvious, it's a death metal record of epic proportions. Opening with the lumbering, foreboding 'Frenzy the Legion,' Infernal Legion do exactly that during six equally epic steps into Hell. Although cursory nods to Immolation's most doom-smeared statements can be found, Your Prayers Mean Nothing could be imagined as the perfect integration of early Satanic death metal landmarks as Morbid Angel's Altars of Madness and Infernal Majesty's None Shall Defy, or perhaps even early Grave screwing with Dissection's melodic sense. Still, there's a palpable menace to be found in the album's steamrollering grooves, and a sense that Infernal Legion are merely warming up; a sense that, very soon, the realm the Legion inhabit will be entirely their own, and they will be charging admission to those who'd otherwise plagiarize. Step into Infernal Legion's realm, then, where Your Prayers Mean Nothing.

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