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In 2000, Decrypt was founded by Brad Vanderzee on bass, Chris Montez on the guitar and this other guy on drums who turned out to be a fag. So they kicked him out because he sucked anyway, then Brad moved to drums. That's when the Decrypt as we know it came to exist. The next step was to find a bass player who could fulfill their needs as a cohesive unit of sonic devastation. Instead they chose a guy with a cool hat, Billy O'Neil.

Chris was "cool" with doing vocals, however the craziness wouldn't be crazy enough without a full-time singer to complement the half-Mexican guitarist. I don't know exactly how many singers Decrypt has had, but I can say you will need two hands to count them on. The only singer I know of that was with them for more than 2 seconds was Tom Novak. He originally recorded Transmissions from the Fuckhole, but Brad being such a Danzig fan, decided he would record vocals in place of Tom.
Eventually Billy O'Neil would leave the band to pursue other interests. Decrypt then found Jimbo Kelly through some other losers in another metal band, Laceration. Jimbo has just turned 18 years old, but that's good news for us molesters. Finally Decrypt hooked with Zach Gheaja through Jimbo who had played with Zach in an side project metal band, Ritual Homicide. Zach's good looks would definitely become an asset to the band, as Decrypt soon after signed to Forever Underground Records.With this line-up Decrypt recorded their first full length "Holy Erotic Rapture" in 2003 and then a split with local shit grinders STUMP entitled "Armageddon Anthems" which is probably the longest grindcore split to date!!! About 60 minutes which each band has about 11 tracks.... Both albums were released on Forever Underground Records

, But Then in 2004 or 2005, i dont know when the fuck, but Zach Gheaja decided to leave the band for his never ending quest for a straight man who loves gay sex..... A journey that we have all faced sometime in our lives... Some sooner than others.... Passing the throat technique down to Justin Wallace, which is now the current vocalist....Then in 2005 Brad Vanderzee left DECRYPT. Then After Looking For a New Drummer For a LONG FUCKING TIME! The juicy young genitals of Matt Behner Joined DECRYPT As Their New Drummer!

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