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If getting whacked in the face by a Warwick 5-string bass, being covered in beer and broken glass, or finding yourself slammed into the fold back speakers isn't your idea of fun, then a A Red Dawn show is not for you. All this carnage may sound a little too intense but for the fans of A Red Dawn it's exactly what they are there for, the blood, the sweat and more blood!

For a little over two years now A Red Dawn has been slaying the metal scene in Adelaide like it was their own. Building a reputation as "…one of the most powerful acts on the Adelaide scene" like other Adelaide bands I Killed The Prom Queen, Truth Corroded and The Rivalry have done before them. Perhaps the reason for their fast rise out of obscurity is due to the bands relentless work ethic and fun loving attitude. "Being desperately hooked on music" is the way drummer, Adam, describes their commitment to the band "and desperation is a strong adjective". It may just be that 'desperation' that is helping A Red Dawn to stand out above other bands.

Solid song writing and consistent live shows have kept A Red Dawn very busy, and with in-depth pre production for their new release, the past 4 months have seen them triple their efforts. Producer and engineer Ian 'E-dog' Miller who has worked with such acts as I Killed The Prom Queen, The Hot Lies, Cry Murder and Double Dragon will be joining forces with the boys. Currently A Red Dawn are working towards their short term goals which include performing live in all of Australia's major capital cities in the first half of 2007 and signing a label/distribution deal for the release of their upcoming EP by mid year. Being well aware that business is what drives the music industry, A Red Dawn has exercised their own marketability by running a strong merchandising business of their own. "We've always been strong believers in the business side of things, it's just as important to us as the music" adds vocalist Wayno.

Ambitions are high in the A Red Dawn camp as they look beyond the City of Churches, to success and a few beers with their peers.

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