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Straight out of Detroit Rock City, here comes the one and only Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp, the man known and loved as Kid Rock -- as in Watch that white kid rock! Grand Royal has already hailed the Kid for his lyrical genius and rhythmic rhymes and melodies. Bolstered by the hardest beats and meanest guitar -- provided by the nine-piece Twisted Brown Trucker band -- Kid Rock steps out with a rare blend of Run DMC-styled rap and corn-fed Lynyrd Skynyrd rock 'n' roll.

The Kid first put the wheels in motion while still in high school creating thunder across the local talent show scene and cutting the demos that, in 1988, earned him an opening performance spot with Boogie Down Productions. The following year, the renowned cult album "Grit Sandwiches For Breakfast," proved the Kid was for real and he soon found himself the opener on a U.S. tour with Ice Cube and Too Short.

Now, on "Devil Without a Cause," his Lava/Atlantic debut, Kid Rock (nee Bob Ritchie) concocts his trademark cocktail shaker of funk, jazz, psychedelic rock, hip hop, blues, and everything else under the sun including the proverbial kitchen sink, thrown down to create and indescribably booty-shakin', 40-guzzlin' sound. The album (the Kid's fourth, after a trio of rep sealing full-length releases) features a bounty of B-boy rock 'n' roll and some dope-ass Busy Bee old school rap flavas, liberally injected with a looped dose of the ol' Detroit metallic K.O. Coming on the heels of his contribution to Atlantic's "Road Rash 3D" soundtrack, cuts like the mega-heavy "I am the Bull God," the monster rockin' "Bawitdaba," or the original country/rap fusion of "Cowboy" show the Kid to be the realest-of-the-real and way out ahead of the pack.

The party begins August 18th when Kid Rock drops "Devil Without a Cause" on an unsuspecting planet.

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