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MkM - Vokills Set - Guitars Servus - Guitars LSK - Bass ZVN - Drums

black metal

From its 94 conception to the 004's inkarnation, AntaeuS did follow its logikal EVILution; signing on Osmose was the key to an even higher step forward.
September 002 : over a year after the deal secured with Osmose, "de principii evangelikum" will be unleashed.
Two years after the "cut your flesh & worship satan" (initially out on Baphomet/Necropolis Records), this new opus contains the violence & the satanik aura of the previous release, with the aggression increased by a better production & more time allowed to its recording.
Those few diehards who did get the various limited releases pressed after the cyfaws rekording do have an idea of what AntaeuS stands for : Satanik Audio Violence.
Mixing the insanity of Sadistik Exekution with the darkness of akts like Incantation & early death metal (90s), AntaeuS pays hommage to extreme metal the way it HAS TO BE.

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