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Sanctity Bio

Band members
Lead Guitar - Zeff Drums - Jeremy Rhythm Guitar/Vocals - Jared Bass Guitar - Derek

death metal

Rooted deep in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Sanctity is Appalachian Metal. Having combined influences ranging from American metal bands like Megadeth and Killswitch Engage to European metal bands like In Flames and At the Gates, Sanctity has created something uniquely their own. Sanctity formed in early 2000 and soon found their identity fusing transcontinental musical styles. Since their inception, the band has had a string of successful shows. In the past two years Sanctity has opened for several national acts, including Fear Factory, Still Remains, Mastadon, Trivium, Nile, Demon Hunter, Daylight Dies, Dead Poetic, Full Blown Chaos, and Still Naive.

After creating strong local buzz through powerful shows, Sanctity opened for Fear Factory and Trivium in late 2004. This show changed Sanctity forever. Matt Heafy (Trivium) saw something in this band and suggested recording an EP with Jason Suecof. This EP was given personally to Monte Conner of Roadrunner Records. After talks with Monte, he decided to see the band in person, and the rest is history.

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