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Endorphins Bio

Band members
Rob Amaral - Bass Mike Toonz - Guitar Patrick Santos - Drums Michael Amaral - Vocals & Guitar

death metal

The formation of a band was a natural occurrence for Endorphins, considering theyve known each other for well over 18 years and have been head-banging together to bands like Metallica, Megadeth and Pantera for more than a decade.

With many years of musical experience, Endorphins vibrant heavy metal sound has evolved and matured; influences by bands such as Slipknot, The Crown, Down, Slayer, Mastodon and Poison the Well can be detected in their lyrics and style.

Endorphins have had many accomplishments over the years including the release of their EP Volume One in 2002; touring most of Ontario and Quebec; playing with big acts like Soulfly, The Haunted, Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder and Cryptopsy. In between their busy schedule of shows they also wrote and recorded their first full length album Where Evil Lies.

Where Evil Lies is an album about the exploration of all that corrupts mankind, from lust, greed, and power, and even battles from within. Upon the release of Where Evil Lies the band will be touring in support of it across Canada and the United States, going as far south as the van will take them. Who knows what or who theyll see on the road

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