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Funeral Rites Bio

Funeral Rites
Band members
Kentaro - Bass, Vocals Yu - Guitar Shirahai - Drums Ueno - Keyboards


1994.12 FUNERAL RITES was formed. Our first line-up was:

Kentaro (G&Vo)
Nobuyoshi (G)
Takehiko (B)
Masahiro (Ds)

1995. 3 Our first gig at Kichijoji CRESCENDO with AMDUSCIAS and MORTES SALTANTES.
111114 Our line-up was changed. It was:

Kentaro (B&Vo)
Hiroyuki (G)
Masahiro (Ds)

1995. 6 The guitarist was changed to You (G).
111111 Yuki (she studied classical music in univercity.) became our member as a recording keyboardist.
111112 Recorded our 1st demo, uDemo1v and released it.

1996. 3 Kentaro became a support member of MORTES SALTANTES.
1111 9 The recording keyboardist was changed to Aki and we recorded 2nd demo,uThe Wintermoon...v.
111110 Released uThe Wintermoon...v.
111112 Kentaro left MORTES SALTANTES.

1997. 3 Masahiro(Ds) left from us...
1111 9 Shirahai(ex.LICHIUM) became our new member as a drummer.

1999. 3 Played in IMPALED NAZARENE Japan tour.
1111 5 Finished the recording for our debut album.
1111 6 Played in MARDUK Japan tour.

2000. 5 Debut album, uNecroeaterv is finally out!!

2002. 5@Played in Black Metal Tour 2002 at Osaka and Yuh(G) left from us... Our Present line-up is:

Kentaro (B&Vo)
Shirahai (Ds)
Ueno (Key)

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