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Funeral Elegy Bio

Funeral Elegy
Band members
Hakuja - guitars,vocals Psychoblaze - bass Shiho - drums


FUNERAL ELEGY is a Nagoya Black Metal trio, founded in May of 2001 and featuring INFERNAL NECROMANCY bassist Psychoblaze. The opening demo, published in September 2001, included a rendition of BURZUM's 'Key To The Gate'. The French Paleur Mortelle Productions issued the 2002 'Funeral Elegy' demo in October 2002, this including the previous BURZUM cover but also adding a second homage in 'Lost Wisdom'.

In September 2004 Paleur Mortelle Productions published a split cassette shared with Finland's SARGEIST, this featuring a cover version of KRISTALLNACHT's 'A Strife...A Victory'. These tracks would be lifted from a 2003 rehearsal recording 'Vicious & Cruel Symphony'.

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