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Fastkill Bio

Band members
Komori Toshio - Vocals Mochizuki Jiro - Guitar Ito Akihiro - Guitar Ando Suguru - Bass Mochida Kazuhiro - Drums


In search of real thrash metal, FASTKILL was formed in 1996 by Mochizuki Jiro(G) and Ando Suguru(B).

In October, 1st demo "CONFLICT IN HATE" released.
Songwriter Jiro's shredding-riffs sound nothing but real "Thrash Metal" with early-80's atmosphere. In this demo,
you can hear their respect and attachment for old-school Thrash metal bands as KREATOR, POSSESSED and SLAYER.
At the same time, youfll see their attitude gHow thrash metal in new era should sound".

At that time, since Japanese thrash metal scene was so immature and small that their target naturally focused on
Europe, South America and States where there are lots of great bands and Fanzines.
They sprayed their 1st material around several countries as States, Mexico, France, Portuguese, Brazil, Sweden and Canada.
In result, they had quite good response from Fanzines and fans all over the world.

-Heavy and memorable pure thrash metal. Yeah bitch! Nice riffing.
This is a demo tape that any thrash maniac that is also into the more extreme side of metal must own!

Thrash and no more just. Thrash from beginning to the end without hesitation.
FASTKILL is identified by crushin' sick thrash!!
-POSITUS IN MALIGNO 'zine #2 (Mexico)-

Having got in touch with fanzines and fans, in underground scene they got huge connections with thrash
maniacs all over the world and had an offer for distributing in France and Mexico from "HOLE IN THE SKY"
and "WOUNDED HEART" distributions.

What a fucking good thrash metal in the vein of 80's!
-HOLE IN THE SKY distributions (France)-

March in '99, their 2nd demo "SENSELESS SADISTIC SOULS" came out.
Their new stuff and songs titled "Eternal Pain" and "Kill for Pleasure" proved their roots lying in the vein of '80's
real thrash metal. Not only they followed pioneer's style, but also they added their sound with more aggression, power.
In this you will hear their statement gThrash metalfs still Alive!!h
This demo also got great reaction from all over the world. Especially on "S.O.D" 'zine, they got 9pt out of 10pt with great praising.

-Carnival of carnage from Japan dedicated to resurrecting the glory and intensity of old school thrash
metal pioneers like SLAYER, POSSESSED and KREATOR.
Packed to the gills with enough heavy, catchy guitar riffs, fast-paced drumming and horrifyingly
brutal vocal roars to please the most jaded Death metal fan.
-S.O.D'zine #9 (U.S.A)-

After releasing this, they got good review on gKABBALA"'zine and had an offer from gH.M.Wh distribution.

In the year 2000, they decided to look for Vocal and Drum. Until this time, FASTKILL was Mochizuki and Ando's
2-man project. Mochizuki took Vocal and played guitar, Ando played bass and did programming. Their first goal,
gMaking great materialsh seemed to be achieved, next their aim was, of course, gPlay in front of Thrash-maniacs!!h.

Without any difficulty, fortunately, they got another members. Komori Toshio (Vo) and Mochida Kazuhiko (Dr).
They became ready for Thrashing!!

In 2001, August, 28, finally, their long-awaited third material "TOTAL THRASHING MASSACRE" was unleashed!!

-Total Thrashing Massacre is not to be missed! They've gotten a whole lot thrashier, and more
violent in the process. This tape sounds more like something that came roaring out of Germany
in the mid-80s. Seriously, this is one that is not to be missed, and I hope you all send tons of cash
to FASTKILL to obtain a copy!!

4 tracks of pounding thrash metal that crushes. Bone charring riffs and speed metal hell. The band
is from Japan so some of the vocals are hard to understand, but the music rules. Real thrash metal
that reminds me of the 80's. A very good demo.
Their relentless-bloody-devastation has just began!!

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