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Fairy Mirror Bio

Fairy Mirror
Band members
Vocal - Miyako Namikawa Guitar - Koichi Meguro Guitar - Mori Dohmae Bass - Mariko Inoue Drums - Kazuyoshi "Kaz" Keho


Osaka Power Metal band FAIRY MIRROR evolved from INSANIA, this prior outfit switching titles in mid 1999 due to a stream of line up changes, including the prior inclusion of CRYSTAL ANGEL and KAIZER drummer Yu-Ki. INSANIA guitarist Mori Dohmae had first made his presence felt on the Japanese Metal scene with the mid 90s band EVOLUTION. Female bassist Mari Inoue was previously a member of SILVER STINGRAY.

The new band name was chosen because band leader Mori Dohmae claims to have seen fairies on two occasions! As FAIRY MIRROR the group was soon caught up in further membership fluctuations with KAIZER drummer Nishinaka being enrolled in September and second guitarist Mori enrolled shortly after. Singer Saeko left the band in mid 2001. She would relocate to Europe to forge a solo career aided by METALIUM bassist Lars Ratz. Meantime, FAIRY MIRROR pulled in Miyako Namikawa as new front woman.

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