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Eternal Elysium
Band members
Yukito Okazaki - Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards Toshiaki Umemura - Bass Antonio Ishikawa - Drums


Originally, ETERNAL ELYSIUM was formed in 1991 by me (Yukito Okazaki), Atsutoshi Tachimoto and Jiro Murakami. We did two recording sessions for a demo (self-titled) in October 1992 and 1st album (Faithful) in February 1993. Tachimoto and Murakami left the band after this recording, in March 1993.

After the band "Ran-Ja" of N.W.O.B.H.M. broke up in the spring of 1991, OKAZAKI shared his ideas with TACHIMOTO of a new concept (BRITISH HM + JAPANESE musical scale + DOOM) and a new vibe began. In the summer of 1991, MURAKAMI joined. This line-up did two recording sessions for a demo (self-titled) in October 1992 and 1st album (Faithful) in February 1993. The recording of the full-length album was finished by the end of February and it was released in March followed by a tour. However, TACHIMOTO and MURAKAMI left the band after the recording and tour, in March 1993, and unfortunately, domestic release of this album was delayed. But, the album continued to be promoted in America and Europe. Okazaki was the one person who stayed with the project.

ETERNAL ELYSIUM is Heavy Rock band. We're deeply influenced by '70s Heavy Rock bands like BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD.... and also Doom Rock scene got us much vibrations. I (Yukito) was inspired by early '80s Doomstars, TROUBLE, SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM. Of course, Stoner Rock scene is so important for us.
These great music made the base-framework of EE's sound. I keep on putting out the heavy sound, but not just do that. I think maybe maniacs of EE know that our any other influences, those are Psychedelic, Blues, Funk, Noise... We don't wanna be typical Doom/Stoner band, so anytime we accept a lot of music styles.
Skills of my guitars are almost from '70s heavy rock guitarists. Especially, TOMMY BOLIN gave me so much great feelings.

"FAITHFUL" was totally heavy/doom metal album. I tried to close to classic '70s rock after that, and "SPIRITUALIZED D" has classic heavy rock feeling, doom/stoner riffs, and psychedelic textures. "SHARE" is mixtured between our sound until last album and Black music. One of song on that album "Waiting for the Sun" is our Doom Blues, "Movement and Vibes" is kind of joke (not bad mean, I like it) of Disco, and "Dogma" is under influenced by African music.

All we're interested in hunting something of great artists so much, so excellent arts never stop influence us the spring of creativity ever.

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