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Band members
Vocals: Nino Aspiranta Guitar: Dedy Yuniarto Guitar: Wilman Taufiq Bass: Patrick Athena Drums: Donny Arief


Formed in Jakarta,August 1992. TRAUMA plays "Pure Death Metal" music. Since that,TRAUMA frequently performs Death Metal around the capital city of Indonesia. Changing formation till 1995, and got it's new lformation.The line-up were: Nino Aspiranta (Vocal/ex-HOMICIDE), Hella Tanissan (LeadGuitar/ex-GRAUSIG/DELIRIUM TREMENS), Dedy Yuniarto (Rhythm Guitar), Donny Arief (Drums), and Patrick Athena (Bass). With this formation, TRAUMA became more existence in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia. hence, TRAUMA became more known as Death Metal band among the Indonesian Extreme Metal Scene. On June 1997, in it's crowded gigs, TRAUMA released promo tape/demo called "Incomplete Damnation"; contains six deadly songs.

Not only that, TRAUMA also took part on compilation records in or outside Indonesia.the best one was "Metalik Klinik Compilation Vol.1"; contains 13 best Indonesian Underground bands. Recorded on November 1997, "Ciptaan kebencian" by TRAUMA could be heard on it. This compilation album released by ROTORCORP and distributed by MUSICA (one of big major label in Indonesia) to all over Indonesia, on December 22nd 1997. And about one year later, sold more over than 50.000 copies and still increased till now. Not long after that, for the sake of personal belief, Hella Tanissan (Lead Guitar) released himself. In early 1998, TRAUMA got Wilman Taufiq as a new lead guitaris, from DEATH VOMIT. Finally, Hella Tanissan joined in TENGKORAK.

With this new formation, TRAUMA came back to destroy some fuckin' gigs in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia. On October-November 1998, TRAUMA entered to 24 tracks studio in Jakarta, to record they debut album called "Extinction of Mankind"; contains 9 songs. It released under our own label; MORBID NOISE PRODUCTION on late November 1998. This album got many positive response from fanzines/mags/distros/labels/prods/radioshows/fans and listeners in or outside Indonesia. And it's sales number is not really dissapointed. Other deadly compilation albums are: "Brutally Sickness Vol.II" (EXTREME SOUL PRODUCTION/Indonesia), "Last Minutes of Safety Vol.I and II" (THT PRODUCTION/Indonesia), "Morbid Noise Compilation Vol.I" (MORBID NOISE PRODUCTION/Indonesia), and south-east Asian bands CD compilation named "Panggilan Pulau Puaka Vol.II" (PSYCHIC ENTERTAINMENT/Malaysia).

Till now, TRAUMA has performed more than 75 gigs in many cities in Indonesia; Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malang ,Medan, etc. And TRAUMA has aplan to make a promo tour soon. Today, TRAUMA is preparing new materials for it's MCD/Split-CD and for it's second full length album, that will be released by one of major Label in Indonesia,maybe in August 1999. Last but not least, TRAUMA are : Nino Aspiranta (Vocal), Dedy Yuniarto (Rhythm Guitar), Donny Arief (Drums), Patrick Athena (Bass) and Wilman Taufiq (Lead Guitar). We are still looking for some labels/prods/distros that can help us to distribute our debut album "Extinction of Mankind". If you want to buy our album,please send US$ 5 (Asia) or US$ 6 (Worldwide)in a well-hidden cash money in registered letter to our address. Any kind of trades are accepted,butplease write first1 Everybody please get in touch now!Support the Underground! See you on tour! Stay brutal and hail Death Metal!

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