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Into Darkness Bio

Into Darkness
Band members
Rev - vocals, percussion
St. James - guitar
Jon Christian - drums
Fedge - bass


Since their conception in late 1998, the second coming of the popular New Jersey five piece, Into Darkness, has quickly created a stir among the masses. Their 1999 three song EP "The Day the Birth Stood Still," is a "potent musical attack, fueled by intelligent lyrics, and lush melodies that are spawned from some dark musical underworld." The style within each song can range from dark, almost dreamlike, imagery, to the rage of a bloodthirsty mob. The balance of these extremes is what creates a sound that can't be ignored.

With their highly visual song writing in mind Into darkness has been hard at work improving their multimedia stage show that works for small venues as well as larger ones. With a strong focus on performance St James explains, "Live, this band plays as much to the intellect and visual aspect of the senses as it does to the audible sense." "By incorporating audio, video, lights and theatrics into the live performance of the music, the band creates an environment that extends beyond the stage and gives the audience one serious mindfuck," spiraling them Into Darkness.

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