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Total Tragedy
Band members
Sam - guitars Martha - female vocals Ao - bass Adi - keyboards Ekko - drums Richard - guitars Harru - vocals, growling Iin - female vocals Tanty - female vocals


Someday in May 1998, when I was 17 year old, I met Sjamsoel at my friend's home in Surabaya. Sjamsoel is a guitarist of one black metal band in Surabaya. Sjamsoel has got many problems with his friends of band and he decided to resign from his band. On that moment I told him that I want to build a band within new characteristic but I could not to mention what music genre is. I love to listening to many death metal, trash metal and heavy metal band. I offer to him that my contribution is Vocal, he is agree too. As we are only two pieces person - Vocal & Guitar - of band, we have to seek another musician. Sjamsoel promised to bring his school-friend to become drummer and I also promise to bring a bassist. Drummer is Ekko and bassist is Richard, we are all still students of diverse High School in Surabaya. That's all the first idea for developing the band.

Total Tragedy

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