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Total Rusak Bio

Total Rusak
Band members
Pay - Vocals Nova - Lead Guitars Dap - Bass Hengki - Drums


Total Rusak came from BukitTinggi - West Sumatera which is one from 26 province in Indonesia formed in 1996 and the current line-up are :
Pay - Vocals
Nova - Lead Guitars
Dap - Bass
Hengki - Drums
in June 2000 their fiorst demo MASA BRUTAL has invite many interest to labels and zines,it contains of devastating brutal death metal.although the sound was pretty bad and poor but a response from entire death metal freaks were great. This demo also had invite ROTTREVORE RECORDSinterested to sign and release a second punishing materials.

Total Rusak now is the newest member of ROTTREVORE RECORDS troops,thier high ultimate punishing materials call EXPLOIDING THE CRANIAL contains of 10 pure feasting brutal death metal with some combinations of intense riffing guitars-vomitous choping vokills and unmercyfull blasting drum works prooving that Total Rusak is the most sadistic brutal death band ever in Indonesian scene history.

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