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Sukmo Langgeng Bio

Sukmo Langgeng
Band members
Adi - Guitars Aris - Vocals Supri - Bass Bambang - Drums Setyo - Keyboards


SUKMO LANGGENG formed in February 2001, on 28th.
Adi, Aris and Setyo have an idea to form this band.
They meet and speak in Sukoharjo Blitz, after Setyo has
finished on stage with Mislead Performance.
Supri and Bambang was join SUKMO LANGGENG after-
wards. SUKMO LANGGENG in English mean Eternity
Soul, and this name taken from Aris when he fast in
Bonoloyo Dark Funeral. In that tomb, Aris was haunt by
something who called black demon, That demo try to take his soul,
but he was escape from evil.Other side SUKMO mean ...

Some SOULS must to escape from sacrifice.
This SOULS are our forefather wander, and in
Javanese Dictionary also say that.
Since that great moment SUKMO LANGGENG ex-
perience to compose Music to result best work.

SUKMO are Adi on Guitar, Aris on Scream, Supri on Bass
Guitar, Bambang on Drums and Setyo Keyboard Player.
They are playing Black Metal, and their music slip penta-
tonic tone. Their music was influenced Cradle of Filth,
Dimmu Borgir and Dismal Euphony. Sometimes on Sukmo
compose and slip Javanese Black Metal. Why Javanese ?...

Because SUKMO member live and grow in SOLO, whereas
in this city found Surakarta Royal Palace (Keraton SOLO).
So, they are familiar with Keraton tradition and Culture.
In Oktober 2001, Aris and Setyo was retire from this band.
With reason Aris going on to the capital city.
Hendra join SUKMO LANGGENG, replace Aris when....

SUKMO LANGGENG appear in Karanganyar Underground
Fest and Jogja Resurged. Thanks to Rudy, help Sukmo
additional voice in Jogja resurged.

Now, SUKMO LANGGENG with New Blood will worship
forefather with YOU. Wait and watchout SUKMO in your

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