heavy metal

Interfere Bio

Band members
Joe Bragg - vocals
Ryan Moriarty - guitar
Eric Devoe - drums
Shane Frisby - bass


We're not going to sit here and start talking about how crushing our riffs are or use overly excessive verbs and adjectives to express our feelings towards Interfere's music. That would be to repetitive and generic. Instead we will let you listen for yourself; make your own judgments; have your own opinions. We are just four guys in our early twenties who vent our frustrations, anger, happiness, emotions, and creativity through music. As individuals we have our own lives of college and work, but when it comes down to Interfere... that's a different story.

Interfere is a Boston Based heavy band, with our current line-up of Joe Bragg on vocals, Ryan Moriarty on guitar, Eric Devoe on drums, and Shane Frisby on bass. We have only been together for about a year now, but with each week that passes by, and every practice and show that we play, we are evolving into a group that surprises us all. Although we are on the young side and have much to learn we are serious, well organized, and ready to explode on to the music scene. Interfere is here to write better songs, better albums, and reach more people, and that is what we are all about. We are here for total world domination, or at least playing good music, having a good time, and living a life of music.

Interfere have currently released a 2001- 5 song demo, and a 2000 EP - Bruce in The Discotent. We have played numerous shows around Massachusetts with the likes of Skinless, Closer Than kin, The Red Chord, Karate, and many more. We are still in the early processes of getting our music out into the scene, but are extremely confident in our music and ourselves. In our eyes we will continue to get bigger and better as a band, and will help anyone in the scene that is willing to help us out along the way. Together We Are One, Together We Are Strong.

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