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Killharmonic Bio

Band members
Innu (lead guitar) Ongky (drums) Wawan (vocals) Alex (bass) Romy (rhythm guitar)


KILLHARMONIC were founded and formed in Kediri Indonesia on Early 1997 by Innu as frontman/conceptor/founder. In their first time they play death/grind, but now their musick is more brutal, more technical, heavier, more progressive, and more complex, and we called it as Symphonichaos Gorechestra Brutal Technical Death Metal.

We got many line-up changes so far.
# 1st line-up:
Innu (guitar/voc - ex-NECROPOLIS, INNER), Sandra (drums, ex-NECROPOLIS, INNER), Yoseph (bass, ex-WASHBRAIN).

# 2nd line-up: Innu (guitar/voc), Yoseph (bass), Wahyu (drums, ex-WASHBRAIN). Sandra left the band because looking for a job and moved to other city.

# 3rd line-up: Innu (guitar/back voc), Wahyu (drums), Wawan (voc, formerly of TENGGOROKAN). Yoseph left the band because he married and move to other city. We decided to beeing trio. Although without bass player we are still heavy and intense as fuck.

# 4th line-up: Innu (guitar), Wawan (voc), Ongky (drums, ex-SLOWLY TERROR drummer, ex-FASTINATION guitarist), Octa (bass, ex-SOLUTION guitarist, now in EXTREME GUTTURAL). Wahyu left the band for looking a job to other island.

# 5th line-up: Innu (guitar), Ongky (drums), Wawan (voc), Andri (bass, ex-REFUSCATION guitarist). Octa left the band for some reason.

# 6th line-up: Innu (guitar), Ongky (drums), Wawan (voc), Alex (bass, ex-SLOWLY TERROR, FASTINATION guitarist). Andri left the band because he wouldn't play music anymore.

# 7th line-up: Innu (guitar), Ongky (drums), Wawan (voc), Alex (bass), Romy (rythm guitar, ex-NO FRONT). Romy have joined the band because we need a second guitarist to make our music more melodic, heavier, and harmony with may dual guitar works

In July 2000 we entered Natural Studio to record our first demotape with live recording system. And we signed to Die Production. The tittle is "Hatred Diminished In Dismembered Head" which contains 8 songs of stressing and trendcrushing brutal technical symphonichaos street gorechestral death lunatics. This demo released by Die Production too. Now the demo were re-pressed on CD format. Also this album re-released and re-pressed by Rottrevore Records for 500 copies.
In September 2002 the band entered Biru Studio - Solo to recording their 2nd album entitled "Hate That Never Set" contains 9 tracks of symphonichaos gorechestra death metal. 6 new songs that re-arranged, 2 songs taken from "Hatred Diminished In Dismembered Head" demo, and 1 crust/grind song devoted to all grind maniacs. We got signed to Metal Ground Records for this 2nd album.

MORTAL DECAY, SUFFOCATION, MONSTROSITY, VILE, CYNIC, CRYPTOPSY, DYING FETUS, PANTERA, SEPULTURA, GORGASM. GORELUST, SYMPHONY X, DREAM THEATER, CACOPHONY, AGHORA, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, PLANET X, Vanessa Mae, all kinds of extreme music, classical music, jazz, and some progressive touch.

So far festival includes:
1. Kediri PM 1999,
2. Kediri Total Extreme I,
3. Kediri Total Extreme II,
4. Kediri Total Extreme III,
5. Blitar 7 Scala Richter,
6. Kediri Pagumelo #2,
7. Malang PM Spektakuler,
8. Magetan Amuk Lawu,
9. Kediri Noise Forest Fest,
10. Kediri Youth Frontline Records Malang Promo Tour,
11. Surabaya Amuk III,
12. Kediri Benthet punk/hc party,
13. Nganjuk PM Berisik,
14. Malang Musicfest,
15. Madiun Hilangkan Budaya Tawur,
16. Kendal Mourning Of Millenium,
17. Salatiga Unlogic Scream
18. Madiun Underground Mild,
19. Surabaya Live Noise I,
20. Surabaya Metal Hammerfest,
21. Kediri Musik Kemerdekaan Fest,
22. Nganjuk Underground Mild
23. Kediri Musick Merdeka punk/hc party,
24. Malang Metalfest I,
25. Surabaya Underground #5,
26. Kediri Bleeding March Fest
27. Kediri Mild Music Fest,
28. Malang Bawah Tanah Fest,
29. Kediri Underground Mild Fest
30. Kediri Eastern Blast Fest,
31. Purwodadi Peacefest - 2002,
32. Surabaya Indistinct Princess - 2002,
33. Kediri in Peacefest - 2002,
34. Surabaya Indistinct Princess,
35. Malang Sound in The Garden,
36. Surabaya Rest In Peace,
37. Surabaya Fire In Silence Fest,
38. Pare AKL Musik Klinik
39. Kediri Tepusicknes Independent Party
40. Sukoharjo Sumpah Pemuda Metal fest - 2002
41. Purwokerto - Extreme Killer Festival - 6 July 2003
42. Parrhesia Soloense - 31 August 2003
43. Madiun Total ANoraga I - March 2003
44. Salatiga - Unlogic Scream - 1999
45. Malang - Musik Bawah Tanah -1999
46. Purwosari - Musik Siang Bolong - October -2003
47. Kediri - Metal Revolution 2004
48. Pare - Total Rock Metal Festival - 2004
49. Semarang - Edgeless Insanity - Juli 2004
50. Cirebon - Paku Beton - July 2004
51. Kediri - NeoSoundrenaline - 2004
52. Kediri - Total Musik - 2004

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