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Khasarath Bio

Band members
Dadang - vocals Nanang - guitars Asep - bass Untung - drums

Black/Death Metal

Khasarath was perpormed on february 1998 with a hell lot of painfull strugle,just like another day when we have to earn alot of fucking words from the people around but we never give a down about it we're gonna face the shit that come to us strugling in the name of darkness and our own fuckin faith...
our first formation: Dadang - vocal, Nanang - guitar, Heri - bass, Toto - drum
From the time we baned Khasarath take a flesh concept 'Mystical Black metal' as a terror vision and we're truely influence by Emperor,Satyricon and Abbyss

On january Toto our drummer and Heri the bass player have to get the hell out of the band caused by their own bussines and their position replace by Ferry on drum and Asep on bass. After their exactly in we have a lot of change in our musik if self we're tried tocombine all the Black metal concept with Death metal, Now in the blood alone there rest "BLIGHTER BLACK DEATH" influence by greatest band just like 'Dark funeral,darkthrone,kataklysm,criptopsy,emperror and many more
Khasarath now:
Dadang - vocal, Nanang - guitar, Asep - bass, Ferry - Drum,untung - Drum
Until now we're created an evil few song some we're:
Beyond the darkness courtain, Reflection of holocaust, Mortal symponhi, Earth shattored, satria pinilih tanding, mess of reality, Tales of the dark fog.

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