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Innerbeauty Bio

Band members
Viola Santi - Vocals Oghe SP - Vocals Irvan Nursick - Guitar / Vocals Tommy Cronos - Bass Bima Satria - Drums


'Innerbeauty established/formed in Jakarta by 'Irvan Nursick and 'Viola Santi" on October 17th 1999, At the beginning our music concept is "Beauty Gothic Doom" with influenced by 'Trail of tears' and 'Within Temptation'. For First time/beginning formation, Innerbeauty recruited additional musician/player, such as : Thethen (Vocal), Demonaz stuart (Guitar), Tommy cronos (Bass), Febrianos (Keyboard), and Achmadious (Drum).

With this formation, Innerbeauty has recorded 4 songs, which tittles : 'Let's be concience be your guide, 'The unity of god, 'Kesunyian abadi, and 'Peace through understanding on January 12nd, but everything can't stand much longer that's why 'Innerbeauty has in vacuum phase for over a year because for that time. Thethen (Vocal) and Demonaz stuart (Guitar) leave from 'Innerbeauty cause a big job to work for longer time (good luck!), Febrianos (keyboard) leave from 'Innerbeauty cause he wish solemn for school Keyboard position, and till now Febrianos success for Keyboard one and only from cafe to another cafe (Salute, you can give the guide), for provisional about Tommy Cronos (bass) we not understand but maybe we will contact you, Innerbeauty never had match line-up formation.

On November 23rd 2001, Innerbeauty finally recruiting a drummer, 'Trisapto to join in. With this new formation even 'Innerbeauty only had 3 personnel, but 'Innerbeauty never give up and keep movin on with the commitments and intend to continue to record 2 new songs, tittles : 'Nurani Kehidupan' and the other song which is dedicated to the country Republic of Indonesia, the tittel is 'Darah Juang'.

With this latest formation, 'Irvan Nursick' and 'Viola Santi' deals to change 'Innerbeauty's music concepts, from 'Beauty Gothic Doom' become 'Heavy Beauty Gothic Metal' with influenced by : 'Nightwish, 'After Forever, 'To Die For, 'Trail of tears, and 'Within temptation. About formation for recording ago: Viola Santi for Female Vocals position, Irvan Nursick for Growl Vocals, Guitars, and Bass player position, and 'Trisapto for Drums position.

Finally, one of the songs had interest by 'Rotorcorp Records', they interest to offer us to join in major compilation called 'Metalik Klinik V' released under 'Musica Studio'. Not long after the album sales in market, Trisapto beg off from 'Innerbeauty cause he will serious in permanent another band called 'Sinusitis (your the helper for Innerbeauty formation, thanks a lot!!).

'Latter after this, Innerbeauty finally recruiting a drums player he is 'Didit Metal', for replacing 'Trisapto's positions. and a bassist player too, 'Tommy cronos (Ex-Zhalim). With this latest formation, 'Innerbeauty wish change from concept ago and now deals to change 'Innerbeauty's music concept, from 'Heavy Beauty Gothic Metal' become 'Power Doom Metal' with influenced by : 'Nightwish, 'After Forever, 'Trail of tears, and 'Within temptation. On June 2002, 'Innerbeauty re-recorded 10 songs, which 4 songs are old songs and the other songs are newest. In 'Sept 13, 2002 'Innerbeauty album is available on cassettes format which album title is 'Peace Through Understanding', released by 'Extreme Noise records. And not long after the album sales in market, 'Didit Metal beg off from 'Innerbeauty cause of a serious job from beginning 'Didit Metal band called 'Siksakubur. But latter after this, for replacing 'Didit Metal positions, 'Innerbeauty obtain direct a permanent drummer he is 'Bima Satria (Ex-Roh halus).

With this formation, such as : Viola Santi (Female Voices), Irvan Nursick (Guitar - Growl vocal). Tommy Cronos (Bass), and Bima Satria (Drums). We will find 2nd guitar player for permanent here, obtain direct on december 25'2002 'Oghe SP (Ex-Razia) join with us for 2nd Guitar and Male vocal. From this line-up 'Innerbeauty recording 4 new songs, which title: 'Samudra Belantara, 'Sebuah Mimpi nyata, 'Alam Punah, and 'Serpihan Senja. But Innerbeauty is a re-arranged 1 songs are old songs called 'Darah Juang with new version from this line-up.

And after this formation, Innerbeauty get success from compilation to compilation and we are get positives respons from Record Labels, Zines, Newsletter, Webzines and audience from much event concert. Permanent 'Innerbeauty line-up, such as : Viola Santi (Female Vocals), Irvan Nursick (Guitar - Growl vocal), Oghe SP (Guitar - Male Vocal), Tommy Cronos (Bass), and Bima Satria (Drums). but we are only to change 'Innerbeauty music concept with colaboration influenced from: 'Rhapsody, 'Avantasia, 'Sinergy, 'Nightwish, 'After Forever, 'Testament, 'Undying and 'Soilwork. You can download our new songs in downlload page, and please offer me a description about new concept!!!

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