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Infected Tendence Bio

Infected Tendence
Band members
Dave - Guitar Ivan - Bass Fordy - Vocals Ika - Drums


Infected Tendence was formed in early of may 1998 with first line up Dody ex Duka Cita on vocals,
Tekad ex Nefarious Crypt on drums, Dudy ex Drastic on guitars and add.player Yusron of Kremush
on bass. They was involved on local compilation called "Purwokerto Bawah Tanah" with a single
In July 1998 Bule handle the bass position and then in early of 1999, Dudy has fired coz'
difference in concept of our music and his lack of loyality to the band. Then Wawan ex
Cremasy replace on guitars position. After that, they fired Bule coz' his lack of loyality
and no responsibility to the band and they used again Yusron as add.player on bass.
In March 2000, Iwan of Brutal Cremation joined to complete the band to replace the
bass position and they was involved Indonesian compilation tape "Indonesian Filthy
Species" on title "Mass Murder". The song they've been wrote such as "Infants
Slaughter, Sick Painted Face, My Cock is Only for Your Cunt and Maggots in Brain"
was recorded in "K" Studio Jakarta. On March 2000 was released for 3 ways split tape
with Kremush and Nefarious Crypt. Their song tell about murdering, against all kind of injustice,
politics, war and the real things in life. Infected Tendence plays fuckin' grind core musick. For
the last info, on December 2000 they have been involved on Indonesian compilation
"Brutally Sickness #4".

c/o. Dody
Jl. M. Yamin VIII/16
Purwokerto 53142
Telp :
(+62)-0281-625487 |Wawan|

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