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Funeral Inception
Band members
Mithos - Bass Rio - Guitar Doni - Vocals Pandi - Drums


Funeral Inception was formed upon the ashes of the well-known gore grind band from Indonesia called BLOODY GORE, which was formed in 1996. And after the departure of Bloody Gore's drummer Sonny, and then the rest of the goregasm warriors engulfs Pandi (Drummer of Sadistis) to put into the fold and decided to change the name into FUNERAL INCEPTION. And the present line up of Funeral Inception is Doni - Vox, Rio - Guitars, Pandi - Drums and Mithos - Bass.

Depresive, angry and extreme and obscure also dark composition then created to be vomitted into the debut album of Funeral Inception entitled "Anthems of Disenchantment" which released by WARPATH RECORDS, France. The musical journey began by exploring the newfound boundaries of brutality as well as heaviness creating and molding the realm of Funeral Inception.

Previously the band under the name of Bloody Gore release 2 MCD, 1 Promo Tape, and tape version of the said MCD. The first MCD called "Stench of Your Perversion" re-released in CD format under the flag FETAL TAMPON DISEASE Records, USA. And the 2nd MCD "Blood Driven Vehemence" released by UXICON Records, Belgium. Both MCD receives tons of excellent reviews according to the musical abilities of the maggots inside it.

In May 2002, Funeral Inception entered Palu Studio, Jakarta, to record their 10 songs for their debut album. It took 4 nights to record all of those stuff. The band giving it's best they all have. Some of the songs recently highlighted in some foreign zine/webzines as the best songs of the year, though the band felt that they aren't satisfied of it's final recording results, but the money factor always made us in very difficult position. The band spent all of their money to fund themselves to recorded it, and it was the best they could produce!

In mid of March 2003, the band is sadly to announce the departure of Mithos (Bass) as his study needs more concentration and attention. The beasts in Funeral Inception wish the best for Mithos and his future. The rest members of Funeral Inception will continue to spread hatred and insanity, though it losts it's one of it's power.

Funeral Inception appeared in several compilations tapes/CDs in local and foreign scenes, to few a mention "Insane Cannibalism" Comp Tape, Necromance Magazine (Spain) CD sampler, etc.

Tons of excellent reviews concerning to the debut album were gained by the band, and they are now quite busy to prepare the next onslaught of most depresive and aggresive composition they'd ever make, so be prepare for the "Countdown to Apocalypse" in this mid year 2003. Countdown to Apocalypse will (probably) contain 8 or 9 songs. Any labels interested please contact the band emails or snail address.

FUNERAL INCEPTION will forever stay in extreme and depresive ways, and always PLAYING METAL, LOUD and PROUD ….. !!!

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