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Dirty Infamous Bio

Dirty Infamous
Band members
vocals - Looth Adler guitars, bass - Firman drums - Ivan


In similar style to Disgorge (U.S.) and Suffocation etc, Dirty Infamous are tight-as-fuck and interesting at times when it comes to their death riffs and song structures. In the first track 'Euthanasia' it begins as a blistering straight-forward death track with some incredible changes in pace and tempo together with some complex drumming, then at about 1:50 into the track it breaks down with an interesting chugging death riff before bursting back again into the previous relentless riffing and chaotic percussion. The production is damn good and the guitars are tuned well down with a crisp and sharp sound. Vocals are low and not so guttural, but yet still intimidating. There are 8 tracks in total and all of them containing some awesome and interesting death riffs while still sounding like straight-forward, no bullshit pure U.S. style death metal. As I said, nothing new but fucking good!

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