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D'Lonix Bio

Band members
Neng - Dark Vocals Dilla - Gothic Vocals Echa - Guitar Evi - Bass Ester - Drums


D'LONIX is the most Gothic Black Metal whith Female player. Formed on march 2001 with the first member are: Neng (Scream), Green (Guitar 1), Echa (Guitar 2), Evi (Bass), and Ester (Drum). D'LONIX have influence like CRADLE OF FILTH, DISMAL EUPHONY, THE SIN OF THY BELOVED, NIGHT WISH, etc...... On September 2001 Green leave the band because some important to survive and on october 2001 D'LONIX have a new Female member to take a great position that is on Gothic Female Vocal she's name is Dilla. Finally, the last member of D'LONIX are: Neng (Scream Darkning), Dilla (Gothic Female Vocals), Echa (Guitar), Evi (Bass), and Ester (Drum). D'LONIX was wrote 4 Scarried song called:

Abadiku di Alam Kegelapan

Perih Yang Kurasa

Elegi Kubur


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