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Brutal Corpse Bio

Brutal Corpse
Band members
Pandu - Vocals Anggeng - Guitar Okky - Bass Tejo - Drums


Brutal Corpse was formed in the middle of August, 1996.
With the first formation : Luthfi (vocal), Anggeng (guitars),
Antok (bass), Indra (drums). On the "Total Underground #1" gigs,
we replaced our drummer. Next, vocals position has been changed too after
"Jogja Brebeg#2" gigs.
After that show, we released mini EP with formation :
Anggeng (guitars/vocals), Antok (bass), and Yoyow (drums).
The mini EP is called "Fucked Full Of Maggots" which contains six songs.
This EP was recorded in 16 tracks. It took two days in the studio
to make this record. We inserted a photo of a dead climber in our front cover
and wasting a lot of time.

We got supported in finance from our friend (Mithin/Wiwid) for this production.
But, we only made 500 copies for sale in Indonesia only.
If there is someone interest, please drop me letter.
The last formation was not last longer too, and we have
to audition another death metal musician : Anggeng (guitars/vocals),
Okky (guitars/backvocals) ex-Impurity, Camel (auditional bass) ex-Death Vomit,
and Doddy (drums) ex-Broken Hell.
We got different idea on this formation but we have prepared
the newest "blasting" formation are : Pandu (vocals/ex-Ruction),
Anggeng (guitars/back vocal), Okky (bass/ex-Impurity),
Tejo (drums/ex-Obscured of Disfigured).
With this newest formation, we have a future plan to make another record.
Our music is influenced by Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, total fucking slam, and Slayer.
But we try to make another different character on our style.

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