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X-Mantra Bio

Band members
Rajan - drums Pawan - guitars Puru - bass Rojesh - vocals Rakesh - guitars


X-Mantra is a heavy metal band from Kathmandu (Nepal). X-Mantra (which signities a chant, a mantra wich is a significant life force) was formed in 2001 with the initial line up of Rajan-dr (ex Goktays), Pawan-g (ex Goktays), Suresh-bg, Biju-voc. Howevre, Suresh had to leave the band due to his personal reasons and shortly after that Biju also left the band. So with the future of the band hanging in balance, Rajan and Pawan asked Puru (bg Ex Peace, Dead Soul) to join the band, witch he agreed. Puru has played with Peace and Dead Soul. What's missing was a vocalist who had a great range and power and soon they found their man Rojesh (ex Kitcha). Their first single "Shaleek" was featured in Music Isles Compilation, which became one of the most recognized songs in the concerts. Shortly after that compilation, the band released their debut album "Crying For Peace".

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