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Maya Bio

Band members
Sameer - guitars, vocals Ramesh - keyboard Bikash - drums


Maya is a melodic death metal band from Nepal, the name being symbolic of the universal illusion which so profoundly prevails in every sphere. The band believes in music that is extreme in its direction: melody, diversity & soul yet lyrically poetic & evocative with a blend of raw edge & darkness, that which they believe, is the essence of extreme music. Their recent performance was at NEC fete 2001. They have home recorded a demo "Itihaas" (to be featured on Studio2000's Music Isles vol. 2) and are currently involved in composing and rehearsing material for an upcoming album .Maya was formed in 1999 with the initial line up of Jason, Sameer, Ramesh and Bikash. Right from their inception, their main goal has been in making their own brand of music. But due to various reasons the band has kept a very low public profile. They don't cite any particular bands as their main musical influences, the range of which is virtually limitle! ss; the main genre being Melodic, Progressive Doom/Death/Black Metal. After all, one who looks in all directions has the best view. Its solely upto the listener to judge their music.

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