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Barzakh Bio

Band members
Reno - lead guitars Adev - drums Gatrik - bass Rizal - guitars Agni - vocals Willy - keyboards


BARZAKH is Grave and Eternity Nature:

Our songs are slanted on Cradle of Filth, Naglfar, Dimmu Borgir, Dream Theater, Rhapsody and Sepultura and our lyrics told about mysterious phenomenon.

We were born in March, 29 1998.

We played in Black Metal Music.

Barzakh re-released their demo and MC in a 2 disc album called "From the Devil to Sin / Heart Holy in Hypocrite," in 2005.


March, 29 1998 ---> KIKI (vocal guitar), YUSUF (lead), GATRIK (bass) RONY (drums).

August, 1998 ---> KIKI (vocal), YUSUF (lead), GATRIK (bass), RONY (drums), ALLY (keyboard).

September, 24 1999 ---> KIKI (vocal guitar), RENO, (new lead), GATRIK (bass), RONY (drums). (Yusuf and Ally were out from Barzakh)

October, 26 2000 ---> YUDI (new vocal), RENO (lead), GATRIK (bass), RONY (drums). (Kiki was out from Barzakh)

May, 10 2001 ---> YUDI (vocal), LEON (new growl vocal) RENO (lead), ANDY (new guitar), GATRIK (bass), RONY (drums).

July, 17 2001 ---> YUDI (vocal), RENO (lead), ANDY (guitar), GATRIK (bass) RONY (drums). (Leon was out from Barzakh)

July, 25 2002 ---> YUDI (vocal), RENO (lead), ANDY (guitar and backing vocal), GATRIK(bass), ADEV (new drummer). (Rony was out from Barzakh)

October, 26 2002 ---> RENO (lead), GATRIK (bass), ADEV (drums), (Yudi & Andy out from Barzakh)

November, 20 2002 ---> RENO (lead1), RIZAL (new guitar), GATRIK (bass), ADEV (drums).

January, 23 2003 ---> AGNI (new vocal), RENO (lead1), RIZAL (lead2), GATRIK (bass), ADEV (drums) WILLY (new keyboard).

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