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Zonda Bio

Band members
Shealtiel David - drums Yafit Reuveny - guitars, vocals Tomer Salman - bass Yaniv Kalderon - guitars Shai Kalderon - guitars


Part 1 - in search of members

Zonda was formed in mid 1999.
Yafit, lead singer and guitarist came up with the idea of creating a metal band that will be based on her written material, mainly acoustic songs. Unfortunately, she had to search for lead guitarists for about 3 years until she met Nathan Tubul, a lead guitarist which happened to be a student of Amnon Eini, the same guitar teachers of Yafit herself.
They have been playing together for about a month and decided that the second lead guitarist is necessary.
About a week after Shai Kalderon joined the band. Yafit songs were transformed from acoustic songs to metal songs. At that time, bassist Tomer Salman joined the band.
His musical background was quite different; while Yafit, Shai and Nathan were into metal songs, Tomer was into funk/rock music. That turned out to be an advantage, since Tomer's touch on bass added just the right feeling.
We were searching for a drummer and came up with Yoav Lahovitzki, a talented musician.
Finally ZONDA was a real band.

Part 2 - zonda's gigs

We were looking for an opportunity to perform.
Were written and we had a 30 minutes set. ZONDA's first songs.
Our first gig was at the "Y.A" club in Jerusalem at the 8.8.99. The crowd loved it and the few days later we had yet another gig at the "Sergay" club.
We extended our set by adding new songs and covers and preformed at places such as
"The yellow submarine" & "Pargod". Those gigs were very successful.
We also preformed in metal festivals in Tel-Aviv at places such as "Asylum", "Maccabi music factory" and the "Camelot".
During the years 1999-2001 we preformed a lot at many places and with many local bands. Interesting that most of them no longer exist. We really enjoyed that time but more important we thing the fans did.

Part 3 - problems and… more problems

At mid 2001 Shai & Tomer had to join the army and the band struggled to exist.
Not only, during that time second lead guitarist, Nathan Tubul, left the band because of personal problems. We had to search for a guitarist and came up with Shai's brother, Yaniv, a well-known guitarist in Jerusalem today.
At late 2002 drummer Yoav Lachovitzki moved to Amsterdam to study in a Jazz school. Several drummers played with us until we met current drummer, Shaltiel David.
ZONDA's new line up was completed.

Part 4 - these days…

The band's new demo is finally ready, consist of 8 studio songs and 5 live recordings.
We are still performing, writing new material and looking for a sponsor to record a real album, hopefully.

The gathering
Lacuna coil
Fates warning
Iron maiden

current line-up:


Yafit Reuveny - vocals, acoustic guitar
Shai Kalderon - lead, rhythm & acoustic guitar
Yaniv Kalderon - lead guitar
Tomer Salman -bass
Shealtiel David - drums

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