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Knell, the
Band members
Noam Kimhi - vocals Alec Zlogin - guitars & bass Alon Zadka - guitars & bass Liri J.A. Katz - drums


The Knell is a Doom\Death Metal band from Jerusalem, Israel.
The band is Often being compared to bands who shaped the borders of genre in the early 90's, such as My Dying Bride and early Anathema, yet is trying to find its own unique sound. Influenced by many, new and old bands alike, the Knell's style has changed a bit throughout the years. From romantic yet melancholic first years to bleak and monotonous material like the band's latest sounds, the band went through many changes. Formed in 1998 by Alec, then session guitar player for Israeli Hymns of Hades, the band was one of the few doom bands in the region. Shortly after, he was joined by Noam, vocalist of the very same Hymns of Hades. The first demo was recorded by the duo in 2000. Caractherized by thick and sterile sound- for better and worse, "Winter Shade" still has some nice moments. The next demo was recorded a year after, as a 5 piece band, in a small rehearsal room. The sound quality of this recording was so low, that only few tapes were made, given to some fearless ones. Then there was an other one - "Carcass of Empathy". The song, recorded in 2001 with excerpt from second demo and remix of the song from the first one, are barely a decent release, therefore it was added to a re-release of the "Winter Shade" demo. Shortly after (mid 2002) the line-up changed once again as remaining bandmembers were joined by Alon, a technical string player. Thus work on possible live appearance has begun.
In the autumn of 2003, after five years of strugling, day before a schaduled concert, the band made a hard decision to cease activities for near time. All participants made it obvious that it is not the end, one way or another, under this label or an other.

The band was apart for a few months time, until the Spring of 2004, when band threesome decided to resume activity and regroup. The Knell exits, and currently working on improving old material and creating new.


Anathema, My Dying Bride, Unholy, Dusk, Skepticim, Mar de Grises, Burzum, Disembowelment, Katatonia, Shape of Despair...

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