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Spawn of Evil Bio

Spawn of Evil
Band members
Moti Rokah - vocals Amir (Miko) Haronyan - guitar Yaron Hakun - drums Nir Tamir - bass Liran Yom-Tov - guitar


The first show and some!!!
The lights are off,there is only darkness,
smoke and sweat combined,
out of the silence comes a sound
of a tribe drummingand
the massacre begins,
the first show has begin,
from here there was no turning
back only striking forward!
Spawn was born in the early 99,
when moti yaron and ami first played together,
the blood flew that night like a runed over ox,
after a few months of playing with out a bass,
we asked twigi to join us.
after half of year we went on stage
in tel aviv at the rockscene...
the bodies were bleeding and suffering,
nobody knew who we were,
but that didnt stop them from trashingin
each other for the entire show.
the next to join us was
A realhell burner as sheretz guitar.
twigi had left the building and then
entered the great salomon who played with us for a year and someBut that didn't work out either,
so we joined another giant named

hope to see you in our shows,
we can only hope that you will bleed,
or get someone else to bleed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!all fear the spawn!!!

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