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Sitra Bio

Band members
Nir Arazi - guitar & vocals Hagai Pano - guitar Omer Mor - keyboards Sagi Tal - bass & vocals Udi Dunayer - drums

Melodic Death/Doom Metal

Formed back in late 1995, Sitra started out as a Trio.
The only members then were Udi Dunayer, as drummer,
And Hagai Pano and Nir Arazi as guitarists.

The goal was to play pure, back-to-the-roots heavy metal.
Soon after they began searching for a bass player , they eventually met
Sagy Tal, whom then joined, and became Sitra's bass player.
With him came his close friends - Omer Mor, who plays the keyboards,
and Einav Drimer, who took his place as the singer.
The formation was then complete and the music began to flow at
high rates.

As the two guitarists and drummer coming from pure Thrash and
Heavy Metal background, the latest staff addition brought a strong
Black & Doom Metal influence, a milestone in the establishment
of Sitra style.

After long hard work, they record a song in the studio. Thus evolved
"You - I", in May, 1997.
Then they performed in several occasions and based their reputation
among the underground metal scene.
The feelings of those nights gave birth to 2 more studio-recorded songs:
"Nevermore" and "The end of M.E" (late July, 1997).
Then they decided that they want to put more music on disc, but the
cost of doing that in the studio was out of their reach.
They realized that they can actually record their stuff on their own,
at a reasonable quality, a possibility to distribute their music to all
metal music lovers.

Of course it took them a while to reach a good quality of recording,
but they finally found a way (which is implemented nowadays).
So, they recorded "B.S.E" and "Of future for my past".
Between these two recordings came one of the biggest events in
Sitra's "life" - the gig in the "Exzema" club in Haifa Bay.
The club was packed with metallers and feature 5 local bands.
That night was a huge success, and put their live abilities in new standards.

Then began the tragedies... so called "The Army".
This organization cost them Einav Drimer, their singer, who then lost
interest in metal (!?) and departure.
It also cost them hours of practicing time.
But nothing could stop them. They went on recording "Is 'us' Dead?",
(Sagy as vocalist) and began other recording projects,
which were not finished upuntill today...

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