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Septic Dreams
Band members
Shay Kalavres - vocals, bass, guitars, drums, synths, fx


In the mid 80's i fall in love with extreme music with a lot of rough guitar sounds.
It started with bands like "DEF LEPARD" and "G'N'R".
near to 1990 i bought my first vinnyl album of the almighty
"POSSESED-seven churches", the pathway to the
dark worlds of music were found...
next in 1991 i bought "CAUSE OF DEATH" by obituary and "ARISE" of "sepultura" and the road to maximum trashhead were safe...

I remember that the fisrt BlackMetal band i listen to was "EMBRA-DIMONIM" (not realy recocnized),
next was "EMPEROR","ENSLAVED","CRADLE" (the first ...)

I bought my first guitar of "IBANEZ" and start making noizes and screems...

me and couple of frienad established "KUTULUM" and start working on very trashy mattirial,
than was brutal-death group named "Necromancy",
we played live at the DOHM OF ROXANE with bands like "SUPERIOR" and "MERCENERY", it was great days of headbanging (not busbanging!!! you pervert!!!).
oh!, the days of the almighty show "HEADBANGERS BALL" (with vannessa warwick) at MTV.

and than i decided that i need to find my innet spiritual belief in judaism.
so i become a strong beliver and turned to an "Ultra-Orthodox-haredian".
go to YESHIVA learnings in extra-classes in practice judaism, HALACHA, MIDRASH, TALMUD, and other religious stuff.

seven years later...i got married with a beautifull religious girl in a "SHIDUCH"...(a traditional jewish match-making between man to women)
2 years after the weading both of us decided that the way of narrow mindness being a Haredic beliver is not for us.
we came back to live a normal life and whatever...after almost 2 years of learning academic bible-critisism.

than i got back to my beloved music.


SepticDreams project, is A one-man band , driven by Death-doom-Black metal music orientations.
septic dreams is a unique project, all the production and the instruments are performd by myself,
the lyrics writing and the music writing,
the Recordings performd in my own studion called:"HELLREISER RECORDS(c)".
and I'm attend to republish some songs and lunching a Full-Lenght album somewhere in 2004.
and of course signing in a larg respectable LABEL.

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