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Nature's Elements Bio

Nature's Elements
Band members
Ipos - Vocals, Keyboards Sitri - Lead guitar Vual - Solo guitar Botis - Bass guitar Phenex - Drums


NATURE'S ELEMENTS was the evolution of a 2001 solo project from Uzbekestan born vocalist Ipos. Recordings for this proposal gradually drew in a full band unit, at first billing themselves TAINTSO GLUBIN. Although based in Isreal the entire band complement originated in the former Soviet Bloc with guitarist Vual and bassist Botis from the Ukraine, drummer Phenex from Belorussia and guitarist Sitri from Russia. Soon the revised title of NATURE'S ELEMENTS was chosen but, according the band's official biography, Ipos was then hospitalized in a mental health institution resulting in the cancellation of various live projects. A further period of hiatus was forced when guitarist Sitri returned to his native Russia. Subsequently, both Ipos and Sitri duly returned to duty.

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