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Matricide Bio

Band members
Yotam ``Defiler`` Avni - Vocals Yogev Sitton - Guitars Auria Sappir - Guitars Shahar Guy - Bass Matan Shmuely - Drums


How can a man reform he's pain from depression into music? No one has ever managed to complete such transfer. Every musician who draws his inspiration from sadness, from guilt and remorse or from negative approaches - will probably remain as such after the musical therapy will end. But in Matricide case - the channeling comes so mind-swiping, so crushing and absolute - that it leads to the point where nothing remains after the music. Formed in the sadness raised by Yogev Sitton, his musical inspiration draws other musicians in the metal-genre to create his painful dream. The music he wrote only for himself now gained shape and form because the drives of the people now surround him. The sorrow became profession, the pain came unto notes and tabs - slowly but safely the music became the true meaning of therapy, and not only for Yogev - but for all players. Instead of depressive riffs and melancholia sewn into music - they came as anger, as rage and aggression. Now Matricide stands tall and whole above many other creations - not because it has been better written or preformed - but because the music gave new meaning for its creators.

The band formed as a side-project of Yogev from Solitary and quickly issued a session players, then became a full-time band. The name Matricide is taken from Nevermore's song - which indicate the musical genre of the band - Death metal vesion of Nevermore with lots of influences from Machine head, Fear Factory, Meshuggah and Morbid angel.

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