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Kna'an Bio

Band members
Adir Ron - vocals Maoz Kain - guitars Yoni Bitton - guitars Ram Bulatnikov - bass Ron Amar - drums


In the dark realms of past, heart-freezing tales and biblical myths - there you shall find the concept of Kna'an.

Kna'an (also known as the ancient name of the land of Israel) is a young and innovative band from the holy land of Israel, devoted both to the love of metal, and of the Hebrew culture.

...Just like Genesis, every story has its beginning.

In our lord's year of 2002, a new name had arrived in the Israeli metal scene - Kna'an.
The band, resurrected from the scattered remains of another band- ''Demolition'', featured Maoz Kain and Adir Colonna as both guitar players and vocalists, Ram Bulatnikov on bass, And Omri Segal on drums. Together they joined forces to create a melodic yet extremely melancholic doom metal. And the lord has seen, and it was good, for a while...

...But just like the joy at the Garden of Eden came to a harsh end, so did that early Utopia.

After a big argument, Adir Colonna and Omri Segal left the band, taking with them all of the written material, Leaving Maoz and Ram outcast and forsaken, with nothing but a name, and a vision.

But after every long journey, there cometh salvation...

Exactly when the stars had shown that the year had changed, and is now 2004, salvation had arrived, in the form of Yoni and Ron, friends of Maoz and Ram, and also members of the Brutal-Death band ''Vile Humanity''.
From that moment, things spiraled up and fast... within 2 months' period, 3 songs were composed, and all that was missing was a front-man.
And in that point, the Lord had shined upon them, once more. Adir Ron, an old friend and lead vocalist of the grind-core band named ''Gore-Met'', who also participated in an old Kna'an gig as a guest vocalist, had offered himself as the new front-man and singer of the new Kna'an.

...And the line-up was complete, and the Lord looked down once more, and smiled, for it was all good.

Along with the great line-up change, the style had changed as well. Highly influenced from both traditional melodic-death metal, and from the mesmerizing Hebrew culture, Kna'an has been able to put together a unique combination of metal and religion, and of hailing the past tradition of Israel, better known as...''Kna'an''

During the period of time passed since forming the new line-up and style, Kna'an has been able to perform several times, creating a core of loyal and loving fans, along with massively writing and rehearsing the new material, dedicated for a debut album.
In the meanwhile, the band has recorded a Demo CD, named ''Slavery'', containing a few of the older songs.

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